Assault Charges

The consequences of committing assault can be wide-range from a discharge to a 5-year-jail time. You have to be well prepared to prove your innocence or to reduce your penalty.

Fadi Matthew Kazandji’s top criminal lawyer is an expert in dealing with assault charges in both civil and criminal cases. Assault is defined by the Criminal Code 256 as follows:

● A person uses power and/or threat intentionally against the other party directly or indirectly, without the other party’s permission. An example of this is when a person touches a girl without her consent.

● An act or gesture will be considered an assault if the offender intended to use force or threat, and the other party recognizes on reasonable grounds that the offender would make it happen. Using the gesture of shooting while threatening the other party as an example.

● Impeding, accosting, or begging the other person by showing a weapon or an imitation one.

Examples of Assault in Canada are:

● Simple Assault

● Aggravated Assault

● Assault Causing Bodily Harm

● Assault With A Weapon

● Sexual Assault

● Uttering Threats

● Assault Against a Peace Officer

● Assaulting a Public Transit Operator

What if you injured someone in defending yourself? You need to prove your self-defense.

There are a variety of factors and circumstances. To be qualified for the defense justification, you must meet the following criteria:

1. You believe on reasonable grounds that there was force used against you or other people

2. You needed to use your offense for resistance

3. That was a generous act

Additionally, the Crown can also ask questions to examine factors and circumstances such as the nature of the force, body size, age, gender of involved people, and history of conversation among affected people. It is impossible to prepare questions to prove that your assault was for defense without a skilled lawyer. Fadi Matthew Kazandji, the best assault lawyer Thornhill, provides you with the guidance and leads you to your freedom.

Sexual Assault Charges are serious because they cause physical and/or emotional harm on its victim. The definition of sexual assault is pretty broad from no-consent touching to a rape, and the punishments can be varied based on the severity of the attack. If the Crown considers your case is less severe and proceeds as a summary offense, the penalty could be no imprisonment to a maximum of 18 months. For the more serious sexual assault, jail time could be up to 10 years.

Consent in sexual assault cases means that both parties agreed with having sex and they are older than the age of consent, which is generally 16 years; there are some exceptions to ages between 12 to 15 years old.

The existence of consent between both parties is a significant point at issue in most sexual assault cases. Usually, the victim denies there was consent, while the offender believes its existence. Because of the complexity, the Crown looks at a wide range of factors and circumstances to find out if it existed. So you must have genuine and devoted support from an expert. Fadi Matthew Kazandji can guide you on how to answer the Crown’s questions accurately and lead you to your freedom.

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