Bail Hearing

Fadi Matthew Kazandji, an affordable criminal lawyer in Thornhill, can deal with your bail hearing and review for the best results. Bail is a permission that allows defendants to be released until they are proven innocent or guilty.

Bail Hearing, also known as show case, is a court appearance where the Justice of Peace (JP) decides to release a defendant into the community while the Crown is determining the verdict. There are three points law enforcement authorities will assess to determine whether or not the defendant deserves a release while awaiting trial:

● Whether the defendant will appear in court

● Whether there is a probability that the defendant may commit additional crimes while on bail

● Whether detainment of the defendant is necessary to affirm confidence in the Administration of Justice

It is essential to have a well-prepared bail hearing because an unprepared show case could keep you in jail for months or, even worse, for years while waiting for the final decision made. You have to know that you are innocent until proven guilty. Besides, a bad show case could cause you to pay a large amount of bail for your release.

Fadi Matthew Kazandji and Kazandji Law Firm criminal lawyers will discuss your release with law enforcement authorities without a bail hearing. If a show case is necessary, Matthew Kazandji Law Firm bail hearing lawyer will ensure it happens as soon as possible.

Fadi Matthew Kazandji will bring you the most reasonable and appropriate conditions of your bail ensuring electronic monitoring, curfew, and any other inconvenient treatments are not used. Bail hearing sometimes requires a surety who is someone responsible to look after the accused

person and convince judges or JP the defendant will appear in court and will not commit other crimes while on bail. Fadi Matthew Kazandji, an experienced criminal lawyer, provides your surety with details of the bail plan and works on preparing for the Crown and JP’s questions.

● Typical requirements to become a surety are:

● The person is close to the accused

● The person does not hold a criminal record

● The person is not the other person’s surety currently

● The person has enough assets to give the required amount of money

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Fadi Matthew Kazandji is a reasonable bail hearing lawyer in Thornhill, Toronto, and other GTA areas. Kazandji Law Firm is here for you and your rights.

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