Criminal Law – Kazandji Law

Are you charged for the criminal offense? Have your trust at Kazandji Law as we will guide you to solve your issues. Contact on the following 647-588-3234 for a free consultation.

I practiced in the following areas;

  • Drug offenses
  • Driving offense
  • Fraud
  • Weapon offense
  • All type of assault
  • Property offense
  • Bail hearing
  • Record suspension Application.

I have reasonable rates and easy payment plans for the clients. If someone related to you has been charged for something related to a criminal offense, contact us immediately because a criminal record can change your entire life. Fadi Matthew Kazandji can give you the ultimate answer by presenting you with sound legal advice to keep away from any additional difficulties.

Driving Offense

Have you been charged for any of the following offenses?

  • Drinking and driving?
  • Racing?
  • Speeding?
  • Driving without having insurance?
  • Driving under the influence?
  • Stunt driving
  • Careless driving etc.

I can attempt to clear your history, and fight in your defence to get rid of those awful demerit points that will impact your insurance premium.

However, there is no consultation fee.