Criminal Lawyer Canada

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Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Canada
Criminal Lawyer Canada

An affordable and experienced criminal lawyer: Fadi Matthew Kazandji, who can deal with your bail hearing and additional services. What is more, being ready for a bail hearing is crucial. It severely impacts the duration of imprisonment while waiting for the final decision. Fadi Matthew Kazandji and Kazandji Law Firm criminal lawyers will discuss your release with law enforcement authorities without a bail hearing. However, if a show case is necessary, at Kazandji Law our criminal lawyers will ensure the hearing happens quickly. Bail hearings sometimes require a surety- someone designated to look after the accused person, ensuring they will not commit further offences. Fadi Matthew Kazandji, an experienced criminal lawyer, provides your surety with details of the bail plan.

Contact Fadi Matthew Kazandji criminal lawyer. Fadi Matthew Kazandji is a reasonable criminal lawyer, who can assist you with all your bail hearing questions in Toronto, and the GTA. The criminal lawyers at Kazandji Law Firm are here for you and your rights.


Fadi Kazandji is an affordable criminal lawyer for Impaired Driving or Drunk Driving. Impaired Driving/Over 80 is one of the most common crimes in Canada. Even more, legal authorities, including courts take it seriously. Furthermore, the impaired driver could face severe punishments, unless they have an experienced lawyer on their side. The consequences of a DUI can leave a financial burden. Kazandji Law Firm ‘s DUI Lawyers are here for your rights. Fadi Matthew Kazandji, the best criminal lawyer for DUI’s can help you to reduce your fines. Sometimes, we can negotiate your case without your attendance at any hearing.


Fadi Matthew Kazandji’s top criminal lawyer is an expert in dealing with assault charges in both civil and criminal cases. It is impossible to prepare questions to prove that your assault was for defense without a skilled lawyer. Furthermore, Fadi Matthew Kazandji, a knowledgeable and reasonable criminal lawyer, can provide you with guidance and lead to your freedom.
Fadi Matthew Kazandji can guide you on how to answer the Crown’s questions accurately and lead you to your freedom. You are not alone. We at Kazandji Law Firm understand your fear, concern, and overwhelmed feeling. Tell Fadi Matthew Kazandji a criminal lawyer about your assault story.

Weapons Criminal Lawyer

Firearms and weapons are seriously restricted in Canada. By way of example, possessing, concealing, and trafficking them can result in serious repercussions The consequences can be wide range. To reduce your penalty as much as possible you need expertise from an experienced criminal lawyer, such as Fadi Kazandji. Call Fadi Matthew at Kazandji Law Firm for your first consultation and tell your story. We Kazandji Law Firm, the best lawyers in Thornhill, are willing to fight for you. Top Criminal Lawyer, Top Criminal Law firm.

If you have been charged with harassment, don’t prepare for your hearing by yourself. A failure to properly defend and justify your actions can have an impact on the rest of your life. Fadi Kazandji, criminal lawyer for a harassment charges can analyze your circumstances and prepare for the defense. Kazandji Law Firm has successfully protected defendants’ rights and their public images.

Domestic Offences

If you have been charged with a domestic offence- such as assault call Kazandji Law firm. Fadi Kazandji is the best lawyer for domestic offence cases, who has resolved many domestic assault cases. More importantly, you might qualify for bail if someone can be a surety and you do not hold previous criminal record. Fadi Kazandji and Domestic Assault Lawyers in Kazandji Law Firm will go for you to the court and defend you. We care about your rights and dignity.


The possession and use of illicit drugs can leave you with a criminal offence that can tremendously impact your life. Fadi Kazandji, criminal lawyer can work for the best possible consequences of your case. At Kazandji Law Firm we can decrease your fines or dismiss the charges. If you need an affordable lawyer near you, contact Fadi Kazandji at 647-588-3234 for our free consultation.

Theft and Robbery

Theft is the most common crime in Canada and is the moving/planning to move goods permanently, without the owner’s consent. Regardless of your case, when it comes to theft- the consequence cannot be light. You will evidently face punishments and restrictions on international-travel, potential income/job loss, and possible difficulty in getting a new job.

Robbery is a type of stealing that is characterized as taking an item from the owner with force or by using intimidation. Sometimes it involves a weapon. The consequences of robbing can be detrimental. However, there are opportunities to reduce your charges if you wish to return the item. Fadi Kazandji, an affordable criminal lawyer is an expert at addressing robbery offenses, and can assist you. We, at Kazandji law firm, have often successfully reduced charges or have gotten them withdrawn altogether. Take the first step by calling Fadi Kazandji the best criminal lawyer for an initial free consultation.

Luring offence

Luring is a serious and harmful offence. Child luring occurs when underage individuals are involved in offenses. How can the accused defend themselves? The answer is to provide evidence that the accused took “reasonable steps” to determine if the alleged victim was a minor. If he or she fails to do so, the defendant could not argue that he/she truly believed the person reached the legal age. It is difficult to gather evidence as these situations can be very complex. Make an appointment with Fadi Kazandji, a criminal lawyer for child luring cases, for your first consultation at no cost.

Youth Offences Criminal Lawyer

When a person under 18 years old commits an offense, the case is treated differently. Since the accused is too young, they cannot take the same responsibility as adult offenders. However, the consequences can never be taken lightly as it impacts the young defendant’s entire life. If a youth offender commits more serious offences, the court can treat the case the same as adult offences. Are you the parent or guardian of a young accused? Concerned and overwhelmed about the future of your child? Schedule a free consultation with Fadi Kazandji, the best criminal lawyer.

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