Domestic Violence

There are a variety of domestic assault cases with a wide range of possible consequences. For example, domestic violence occurs among family members or between partners during a big fight. In the heat of the moment, both parties can quickly lose themselves and act without thinking.

Domestic Assault Charges will not be canceled even if the alleged victim wishes to cancel them. The consequence can break relationships and leave emotional scars and/or trauma to both parties.

Also, in some cases, both parties hit each other. Even if your partner started hurting you first and you hit him back to protect yourself, you could be charged because whoever rushes to a phone and dials 911 first is the person that can be saved from Domestic Assault Charge.

Fadi Matthew Kazandji, the best lawyer for domestic offence, has resolved a lot of domestic assault cases. Fadi Matthew Kazandji can address the following charges as well as assault.

● Mischief under $5000 – Damaged the alleged victim’s property including smartphone

● Uttering threats – Threatened the alleged victim by r words

● Robbery/theft – Grabbed the victim’s phone to keep it away from them

● Forcible confinement – Forced the victim to remain in the place where you were arguing

● Assault with a weapon – Hit the victim with an object

● Aggravated assault – Injured your partner severely

● Criminal harassment – Stalked your partner after your relationship is over

● Sexual assault – Tried to have physical contact to have sex without your partner’s consent

● Unlawfully breaking in – Broke into your partner’s house after your breakup

● Breach of undertaking – Failed to comply with your conditions while on bail

You may be qualified for bail if someone can as be a surety and you do not hold previous criminal records. Fadi Kazandji and Domestic Assault Lawyers in Kazandji Law Firm in Thornhill will go for you to the court and defend you. We care about your rights and dignity.

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