Drug Abuse and Addiction

Federal prosecutors set strict rules on drug offers. Police officers use various approaches to compile evidence against someone who possesses drugs and intends to sell (drug trafficking).

Examples of drug offenses are:

● Possessing drugs for non-medical purpose

● Holding illegal drug for trafficking

● Trafficking/Trading

● Cultivating Drugs

● Producing MDMA

● Importing

● Joint Possession

● Constructive Possession

Joint Possession is that you don’t have a drug but you know the existence of the drug with having consent and a degree of control over it. For instance, you intend to buy an illegal drug with your friends and carry money for it in your car and the police ask you to stop the vehicle and search.

Constructive Possession is applicable where you don’t actually hold the item, but still circumstantial evidence indicates that you know the presence of the drug in a specific location. The location can be where you have control, like your partner’s house and you intend or agreed to hold the drug. The police can raid your house and discover the drugs in your absence and charge you with constructive possession.

The consequences of the above mentioned offenses are wide range such as fines, imprisonment, and strict restrictions on international travel.

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