Firearms/ Weapons

Firearms and weapons are seriously restricted in Canada. Possessing, concealing, and trafficking them can result in repercussions ranging from simple fines to jail time. Additionally, it can limit traveling abroad, including the United States.

● Possession of prohibited weapon

● Carrying concealed weapon

● Trafficking Arms

Canadian Port of Entry controls import and export of firearms and weapons so travelers must disclose all the guns they transported no matter the reasons. Many border passengers who did not disclose weapons were kept in jail pending bail hearings and charged fines because they had planned to move guns in or out without disclosures. The Criminal Code of Canada 95 explained what weapon related offences and punishments the accused of holding undisclosed weapon could receive and they are:

● Holding a loaded prohibited or restricted firearms or weapons with ammunition like bullets

● Carrying unloaded prohibited restricted firearms or weapons and/or readily accessible ammunition unless the holder has a license or registered his/her gun.

The punishment for indictable cases is mandatory jail time for up to 10 years. If the Crown convicted weapon-related offense summarily, they are still liable to jail time, but it is for a maximum of 1 year. The consequences can be wide range. To reduce your penalty as much as possible you need expertise from an experienced trial lawyer, such as Fadi Matthew Kazandji. Call Fadi Matthew at Kazandji Law Firm for your first consultation and tell your story. We

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