Newmarket Criminal Lawyer

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Newmarket Criminal Lawyer

 Newmarket Criminal Lawyer

Newmarket criminal lawyers who can guide and assist you with your bail hearings, from setting, reviewing and potentially arranging a hearing without a show case. Contact Fadi Matthew Kazandji Newmarket criminal lawyer, for the first free consultation: (647)-588-3234.


Accused and charged with a DUI? Kazandji Law’s Newmarket criminal lawyers can help you with your DUI and reduce the impact of the charges. Call us today for a free consultation: (647)-588-3234.


Fadi Matthew Kazandji’s top Newmarket criminal lawyer is an expert in dealing with assault charges in both civil and criminal cases. It is impossible to prepare questions to prove that your assault was for defense without a skilled lawyer. Fadi Matthew Kazandji, a knowledgeable and reasonable criminal lawyer. Call us today for a free consultation: (647)-588-3234.

Firearm and Weapon

Charged with a firearm or weapon offence, we know that the consequences can be wide range, and sometimes tremendously detrimental. Fadi Matthew Kazandji’s a top Newmarket criminal lawyer  Call us today for a free consultation: (647)-588-3234.


If you have been charged with harassment, don’t prepare for your hearing by yourself. A failure to properly defend and justify your actions can have an impact on the rest of your life. Call Fadi Matthew Kazandji today, one of the best Newmarket criminal lawyers, for a free consultation (647)-588-3234.

Domestic offence

Charged with a domestic offence- such as assault? Call Fadi Matthew Kazandji, the best Newmarket Criminal lawyer for domestic offence cases.
Call for an initial no-cost consultation: 647-588-3234.

Drugs Newmarket criminal lawyer

The possession and use of illicit drugs can leave you with a criminal offence that can tremendously impact your life. Fadi Kazandji, a Newmarket criminal lawyer, can work for the best possible consequences of your case. Call us today for an initial no-cost consultation: 647-588-3234.

Theft and Robbery

Theft is the most common crime in Canada and is the moving/planning to move goods permanently, without the owner’s consent. Robbery is a type of stealing that is characterized as taking an item with force or by using intimidation. Fadi Kazandji, an affordable Newmarket criminal lawyer, is an expert at addressing theft and robbery offenses. Call us today for an initial no-cost consultation: 647-588-3234.

Luring Offence

Luring is a serious and harmful offence. Child luring occurs when underage individuals are involved in offenses. In order to be found innocent you must prove that you took “reasonable steps” to determine the victim was a minor. To do so you will need an experienced Newmarket criminal lawyer to do so. Make an appointment with Fadi Kazandji, a lawyer for child luring cases. Call us today for an initial no-cost consultation: 647-588-3234.

Youth Offence criminal lawyer

When a person under 18 years old commits an offense, the case is treated differently. Since the accused is too young, they cannot take the same responsibility as adult offenders. However, the consequence can never be taken lightly as it impacts the young defendant’s entire life. Are you the parent or guardian of a young accused? Concerned and overwhelmed about the future of your child? Schedule a free consultation with Fadi Kazandji. Call us today for an initial no-cost consultation: 647-588-3234.

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