Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

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Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto: Thinking about buying and or selling a property in Toronto? Such transactions can be tedious, and if not completed properly- could incur additional fees, if not delays.

Our Toronto real-estate lawyers can assist business both buyers and sellers. Additionally, we can assist owners and industries. We can assist you with commercial Leasing, Construction Financing, Purchase and sale of Commercial and Industrial Properties.

Beyond these services, Kazandji Law’s Real Estate Lawyer Toronto can assist with property leasing (for leasers and tenants), assignments (legal and equitable), topics pertaining to the title and much more.

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto will ensure that any outstanding mortgages on the property of interest are paid, as well as realtor commissions, key delivery and notify all utility vendors. In certain scenarios, homeowners liquidate their home before buying a new one, and in that case, we will ensure that the profits of that specific sale are applied to the new purchase.

Considering refinancing your mortgage? Refinancing a mortgage may raise numerous legal concerns. What is more, our expert professionals will assist you with the availability of mortgage refinancing; foreclosure and junior mortgages; expedite the process as well as negotiate the terms.

Our trusted Real Estate Lawyer Toronto can represent you when dealing with lenders. We can communicate, negotiate and ensure that your rights are protected.

There is so much involved in real-estate transactions, such as the fine print in the agreement, various costs, compensation if the transaction does not process as expected. Kazandji Law Real Estate Lawyer are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Fadi Matthew Kazandj (647)-588-3234, Real Estate Lawyer.


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