Real Estate Lawyer

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Real Estate Lawyer

Purchasing or selling property is a substantial investment that requires professional assistance from an experienced real estate lawyer. Let us assist you on your next transaction.

Our Lawyers have extensive experience preparing and negotiating Agreements of Purchase and Sale, on behalf of both vendors and purchasers, for both residential and commercial properties.

The staff at our firm can help you with all legal matters including:

  1. Purchase
  2. Sale
  3. Refinancing
  4. Commercial Real Estate
  5. Title Insurance
  6. Preparing offers to Purchase Residential and Commercial property
  7. Leases
  8. Assignments

We can assist you by preparing the agreement of purchase or sale. As well as assist you in negotiating the contract, explaining clauses, closing and making sure your rights are protected.

Deciding on purchasing a property?
Our experienced lawyers at Kazandji Law will be able to help you through the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, and assist you with matters in regard to the rights and obligations before the final closing. We will also guide you through the seller’s rights and obligations.
During a real estate transaction, the biggest mistake a buyer could do is to enter into an agreement without knowing the legal details of the transaction and their rights.

Deciding on selling a property?
Our experienced lawyers at Kazandji Law will ensure that the buyer and seller are provided with the agreed terms before any funds and deeds are released.
We will also pay any outstanding mortgages, realtor commissions, key delivery and notify all utility vendors of the deal closing. In certain scenarios, homeowners liquidate their home before buying a new one, and in that case we will ensure the profits of that specific sale is applied to the new purchase.

Are you considering refinancing your mortgage?
Refinancing a mortgage may raise numerous legal concerns, and an experience lawyer can assist you. Our real estate lawyers at Kazandji Law can assist you.
Our expert professionals will assist you with the availability of mortgage refinancing; foreclosure and junior mortgages; expedite the process as well as negotiate the terms of the contract, as well as cover all other aspects of mortgage refinance law
Commercial real-estate
Kazandji Law firms experienced real estate lawyers can assist business owners and industries.
We can help with regards to Commercial Leasing, Mortgage and Construction Finance, Purchase and sale of Commercial and Industrial Properties, as well as services for farm properties.

Titile Insurance
Title insurance coverage for the title-related risks associated with home buying.
Risks such as zoning issues, claims of mental incapacity, lack of up to date survey and the legal services provided by your lawyer (i.e. title certification, negligence, etc.).
Kazandji Law firms real estate lawyer can ensure against such defects in title, which may occur from conflicting ownership claims, liens, un- discharged mortgages, consents and the like.
It will cover compliance and access issues i.e. work orders, permit violations, fences, boundaries, tenancies, rights of way, certain easements etc.

Preparing the offer
Kazandji Law firms can assist you in preparing the offer when it comes to purchasing a property. We will be able to conduct research prior to making an offer.

Where one party (known as the landlord) grants an estate in real property to the other party (known as the tenant).
During the term of the lease, a tenant is entitled to use and possess the premises on an exclusive basis in return for the payment of rent to the landlord.
Provided that the tenant complies with its obligations under the lease, the tenant will be entitled to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of the premises (otherwise known as the covenant of quiet enjoyment)

When one party transfers their right on one property to another, it is known as an assignment. There are two types of assignment, legal and equitable. If we look at a contract, one party (the assignor) can transfer their right under a contract to a third party (the assignee). The assignor does not need the consent of the other party in the contract as per the express terms and conditions of the contract. While rights under a contract can be assigned, obligations under the contract cannot be transferred to a third party. Novation is the only method to transfer obligations. At Kazandji Law, we can assist you with assignments.

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