Thornhill Real Estate Lawyer

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Thornhill real estate lawyer

Thornhill real estate lawyer: Thinking about purchasing or selling a property? At Kazandji Law, our real estate lawyers can assist you and ensure your rights are protected. We will conduct a research prior to making an offer, prepare an offer and draft the purchase of agreement and sales.

The most common mistake buyers make, is entering an agreement without knowing their rights. Thornhill real estate lawyer will guide you through the seller’s rights and obligations. We will ensure that the buyer and seller are provided with the agreed terms before any funds/deeds are released. Furthermore, we assist with areas related to title insurance coverage for title-related risks associated with home buying. Risks include zoning issues, claims of mental incapacity, lack of up to date survey and various defects pertaining to the title.

Kazanadji Law’s Thornhill real estate lawyer will ensure that any outstanding mortgages on the property of interest are paid, as well as realtor commissions, key delivery and notify all utility vendors.

In certain scenarios, homeowners liquidate their home before buying a new one, and in that case, we will ensure that the profits of that specific sale are applied to the new purchase.

Considering refinancing your mortgage? Refinancing a mortgage may raise numerous legal concerns, and an experienced Thornhill real estate lawyer can assist you. What is more, our expert professionals will assist you with the availability of mortgage refinancing; foreclosure and junior mortgages; expedite the process as well as negotiate the terms.

Our Thornhill real-estate lawyers can assist business owners and industries. We can assist you with commercial Leasing, Construction Financing, Purchase and sale of Commercial and Industrial Properties.

Beyond these services, Kazandji Law’s Thornhill real estate lawyer can assist with property leasing (for leasers and tenants), assignments (legal and equitable).


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