Young Offenders

When a person under 18 years old commits an offense, the case is treated differently as the accused is too young to take the same responsibility as adult offenders. However, the consequence can never be taken lightly as it impacts the young defendant’s entire life.

Youth Criminal Justice Act regulates guidelines for offenders ranging from the ages of 12 to 17.

In a sentence, the court tends to give an opportunity for young offenders to rehabilitate themselves and learn more mature behaviors so they can get themselves back to their community. The examples of options that judges impose are the following.

● The court gives judicial reprimand to the young offender

● The court provides a probation period that allows the youth offender to remain a part of the community.

● Absolute or Conditional Discharge is given

● Fine is up to $1000

● Intermittent Custody – keeping the youth offender in custody for a maximum of 90 days in total; this does not have to be consecutive.

● Deferred Custody and Supervision Order – the youth offender remains in the community under certain conditions, including a curfew and house arrest.

● Intensive Support and Supervision Program – This program provides the young accused with closer monitoring and supervision to assist in improving the youth’s behavior

If a youth offender commits more serious offenses, the court can treat the case the same as adult offences.

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